IGNOU MPS-001 Solved Free Assignment 2023- IGNOU Assignment

MPS-001 Solved Free Assignment 2023


MPS-001 Solved Free Assignment 2023

MPS-001 Solved Free Assignment July 2022 & Jan 2023


Q 1. Examine political science as a science.

Q 2. Trace the genesis of democracy.

Q 3. Examine the inter-relationship of duties and rights within liberal thought.

Q 4. Discuss negative liberty.

Q 5. What is equality? Explain.


Q 6. (a) Classical Liberalism
(b) Liberal democratic welfare state

Q 7. (a) Libertarianism
(b) Party as vanguard of the proletariat (V. I. Lenin)

Q 8. (a) Gramsci’s notion of hegemony
(b) Critique of Marxism and Democratic Socialism

Q 9. (a) Conservatism
(b) Fundamentalism

Q 10. (a) Nationalism
(b) Multiculturalism

Ans 1. Political science employs a similar approach, albeit with some unique challenges due to the complexity and variability of political phenomena.

Political scientists use a variety of methods to study politics, including quantitative analysis, case studies, and comparative analysis.

These methods allow them to test hypotheses and make predictions about political phenomena, much like scientists in other fields.

One of the hallmarks of scientific inquiry is the use of theory to guide research. Theories in political science are explanations of how and why political phenomena occur. MPS-001 Solved Free Assignment 2023

They are based on empirical evidence and are subject to testing and refinement through research.

For example, the theory of rational choice suggests that individuals make decisions based on their self-interest and the expected costs and benefits of their actions.

This theory has been tested in numerous studies and has been found to have predictive power in explaining political behavior.

Another important aspect of political science as a science is its focus on causality. Political scientists are interested in understanding the factors that lead to political outcomes.

They use a variety of techniques to identify causal relationships, including statistical analysis, controlled experiments, and comparative analysis.

By identifying causal relationships, political scientists can make predictions about political outcomes and develop policies that are likely to achieve specific goals.

However, political science also faces some unique challenges as a scientific discipline. One of the primary challenges is the complexity of political phenomena.

Unlike physical or biological systems, political systems are composed of multiple actors, each with their own goals, motivations, and beliefs.

This makes it difficult to isolate the effects of specific variables on political outcomes. Additionally, political systems are dynamic and subject to change, making it difficult to make accurate predictions about future events.

Another challenge is the issue of values and ideology. Political scientists often study topics that are politically controversial and can be influenced by personal values and beliefs. MPS-001 Solved Free Assignment 2023

For example, a political scientist studying abortion policy may hold strong personal views on the subject that could bias their research.

To address this challenge, political scientists strive to maintain objectivity in their research, using rigorous methods and avoiding personal biases as much as possible.

Political scientists studying sensitive topics such as terrorism, war, and human rights violations must be mindful of the potential harm their research could cause.

They must also consider issues of privacy and confidentiality when conducting research involving human subjects.

Political science as a science is also characterized by its interdisciplinary nature. Political scientists draw upon a range of other disciplines, including economics, sociology, psychology, and history, to understand political phenomena.

This interdisciplinary approach allows political scientists to examine politics from multiple perspectives, enriching their understanding of political systems and behavior.

Moreover, political science is not only concerned with studying the past and present but also with predicting the future. MPS-001 Solved Free Assignment 2023

Political scientists use their knowledge and research findings to develop policies and strategies that can shape the course of events.

For example, political scientists can advise policymakers on the potential consequences of a particular policy, helping them to make informed decisions that will benefit society.

Lastly, political science as a science has a significant impact on society. Political scientists play an important role in informing public discourse and policy decisions.

Their research findings can help to shape public opinion, influence political campaigns, and inform government policies.

By providing insights into political systems and behavior, political science can help to improve the functioning of democracies and promote more effective governance.

As such, political science is an important discipline that has the potential to make a positive impact on society. MPS-001 Solved Free Assignment 2023

political science is different from natural sciences such as physics or chemistry because it deals with social phenomena that are often complex, subjective, and contextual.

Human behavior and political institutions are shaped by culture, history, and power relationships, which are difficult to measure and quantify.

Moreover, political science is often influenced by normative values and ethical considerations.

Political scientists may have different perspectives and ideologies, which can affect their research questions, methods, and interpretations of data.

Despite these challenges, political science remains an important and valuable field of study.

It provides insights into the workings of political systems, helps us understand the causes and consequences of political events, and informs policy decisions.


As such, political science is a science in its own right, but it is also a discipline that is intimately connected to politics and society.

Finally, political science is a science in that it employs scientific methods, theories, and approaches to understand and explain political phenomena.

Political scientists use empirical evidence to test hypotheses and develop theories that have predictive power. MPS-001 Solved Free Assignment 2023

However, political science also faces unique challenges due to the complexity of political systems, the influence of values and ideology, and the ethical implications of the research.

Despite these challenges, political science remains a vital and important discipline, providing insights and knowledge that are essential to understanding and addressing some of the most pressing issues facing society today.

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