IGNOU MPSE-003 Solved Free Assignment 2023- IGNOU Assignment

MPSE-003 Solved Free Assignment 2023


MPSE-003 Solved Free Assignment 2023

MPSE-003 Solved Free Assignment July 2022 & Jan 2023


Q 1. Write a note on the significance and relevance of western political thought.

Q 2. Evaluate Plato’s political philosophy. What was his contribution to western political thought?

Q 3. Explain St. Thomas Aquinas’s views on law and the state and the relations between the Church and the State.

Q 4. Analyse Machiavelli’s thoughts on politics and forms of government.

Q 5. Discuss in brief Locke’s political theory.


Q 6. a) Rousseau on civil society and social contract
b) Edmund Burke on democracy and religion

Q 7. a) Immanuel Kant’s political philosophy
b) Jeremy Bentham and utilitarian principles

Q 8. a) Alexis de Tocqueville on religion
b) John Stuart Mill on rights for women

Q 9. a) John Stuart Mill on individual liberty
b) Hegel’s philosophy of history

Q 10. a) Marx’s vision of a communist society
b) Marx’s theory of historical materialism

Ans. Western political thought has had a profound impact on the development of political systems and institutions around the world.

From ancient Greece to modern-day America, Western political thought has been characterized by a rich tradition of philosophical inquiry into the nature of power, authority, justice, and democracy. MPSE-003 Solved Free Assignment 2023

The significance of Western political thought lies in its ability to provide a framework for analyzing and understanding the complexities of modern political systems.

It has helped shape the way we think about and approach issues such as democracy, human rights, and the role of the state in society.

One of the most significant contributions of Western political thought is the idea of individual rights and freedoms.

The concept of natural rights, which posits that individuals possess certain inalienable rights that cannot be taken away by the state, has been a cornerstone of political philosophy since the Enlightenment.

Western political thought has also been instrumental in the development of democracy as a political system. MPSE-003 Solved Free Assignment 2023

The ancient Greeks were among the first to develop a form of democratic government, and their ideas about the importance of citizen participation and representation have been influential throughout history.

In addition, Western political thought has played a significant role in shaping international relations and the conduct of war.

The idea of just war, which holds that wars must be fought for a just cause and that the use of force must be proportionate and discriminate, has been an important ethical principle in the conduct of military affairs.

However, Western political thought has also been criticized for its Eurocentric perspective and its tendency to impose Western values and norms on other cultures.

Critics argue that Western political thought fails to recognize the diversity of political systems and values that exist around the world and that it has been used to justify colonialism and imperialism.

Moreover, Western political thought has been instrumental in promoting the idea of the rule of law, which holds that everyone, including those in power, must abide by the same set of laws. MPSE-003 Solved Free Assignment 2023

This principle has helped to limit the power of the state and ensure that individuals are not subject to arbitrary or unjust treatment.

Western political thought has also been a driving force behind the development of political institutions such as the separation of powers, which divides governmental authority among different branches to prevent any one group from becoming too powerful.

This system of checks and balances has been a cornerstone of many modern democracies.

Furthermore, Western political thought has contributed to the development of political ideologies such as liberalism, conservatism, and socialism, which have shaped the way we think about government, society, and the economy.

These ideologies continue to be influential in political discourse and are the subject of ongoing debate and discussion. MPSE-003 Solved Free Assignment 2023

However, the relevance of Western political thought in contemporary politics is not without controversy.

Critics argue that it fails to account for the experiences and perspectives of non-Western societies and that its ideas and principles are often used to justify Western intervention and hegemony.

Nevertheless, the ongoing debate and engagement with Western political thought attest to its continuing relevance and importance in shaping our understanding of politics, society, and human nature. MPSE-003 Solved Free Assignment 2023

The challenges posed by globalization, environmental degradation, and inequality require continued engagement with the ideas and principles that have shaped the modern world, including those of Western political thought.

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