IGNOU MRDE-002 Solved Free Assignment 2023- IGNOU Assignment

MRDE-002 Solved Free Assignment 2023

Voluntary Action in Rural Development

MRDE-002 Solved Free Assignment 2023

MRDE-002 Solved Free Assignment July 2022 & Jan 2023

Long Answers Questions Maximum Marks: Attempt any One of the following

Q 1. Discuss the essential tenets of Voluntary Associations in a democratic society.

Q 2. Discuss the Gandhian conception of voluntarism and rural reconstruction during freedomstruggle.

Q 3. Describe the basic features of funding by Indian State for giving financial assistance to voluntary organizations.

Medium Answers Questions Maximum Marks: Attempt any Two of the following:

Q 1. Explain the objectives and guiding principles of Global Donor Platform for Rural Development(GDPRD).

Q 2. Describe the contribution of Tarun Bhart Sangh (TBS) to watershed development in rural area.

Q 3. Discuss CBO-Approach in the context of Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP).

Short Answers Questions Maximum Marks: Attempt any Five of the following

Q 1. Barefoot College

Q 2. Voluntary Action Cell

Q 3. Main Characteristics of Unregistered VOs

Q 4. NGO-Typology based on Tasks

Q 5. Networking and Alliance Building among Voluntary Organisation

Q 6. Limitations of Bureaucratic Administration

Q 7. Weisbrod’s Approach to Non-Profit Organizations

Q 8. Meaning and Essence of Voluntarism

Ans 1. Voluntary associations, also known as voluntary organizations or civil society organizations, are a fundamental aspect of democratic societies. They play a vital role in shaping public policy, advocating for social change, and promoting civic engagement. MRDE-002 Solved Free Assignment 2023

In this essay, we will discuss the essential tenets of voluntary associations in a democratic society, including their role in fostering participatory democracy, promoting pluralism and diversity, encouraging social cohesion, and fostering accountability and transparency.

One of the essential tenets of voluntary associations in a democratic society is their role in fostering participatory democracy.

Voluntary associations provide avenues for citizens to come together and participate in the decision-making process.

They serve as a platform for individuals to express their opinions, voice their concerns, and advocate for their rights and interests.

Through their activities such as public forums, town hall meetings, and grassroots campaigns, voluntary associations enable citizens to engage in democratic processes and contribute to the formulation of public policies.

They provide opportunities for citizens to be active participants rather than passive recipients of governance, thereby strengthening the democratic fabric of society.

Another important tenet of voluntary associations is their role in promoting pluralism and diversity. In a democratic society, it is crucial to have a wide range of voices and perspectives represented. MRDE-002 Solved Free Assignment 2023

Voluntary associations serve as spaces for individuals from diverse backgrounds, with varying beliefs, interests, and ideologies, to come together and collaborate for a common cause.

They provide a platform for different interest groups, including advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, and community-based organizations, to express their opinions, challenge the status quo, and promote social change.

Voluntary associations promote inclusivity and ensure that marginalized or underrepresented groups have a voice in the decision-making process, thereby contributing to a more vibrant and inclusive democracy.

Furthermore, voluntary associations encourage social cohesion in a democratic society. MRDE-002 Solved Free Assignment 2023

By bringing people together around common interests or causes, voluntary associations foster social bonds and create a sense of community.

They promote mutual understanding, tolerance, and cooperation among individuals with different backgrounds and perspectives.

Voluntary associations provide a platform for individuals to work towards common goals and build networks of trust and solidarity.

They bridge social divides and promote social cohesion by fostering collaboration and cooperation among diverse groups, thereby strengthening social fabric and promoting a harmonious democratic society.

Accountability and transparency are also essential tenets of voluntary associations in a democratic society. MRDE-002 Solved Free Assignment 2023

Voluntary associations are expected to be transparent in their operations, including their finances, decision-making processes, and governance structures.

They are accountable to their members, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders for their actions and decisions.

Voluntary associations are often governed by democratic principles, with elected leadership and participatory decision-making processes.

They are expected to uphold principles of good governance, including accountability, integrity, and transparency, to ensure that they serve the best interests of their members and the broader society. MRDE-002 Solved Free Assignment 2023

Voluntary associations contribute to democratic governance by promoting transparency and accountability, thereby building trust and confidence among citizens.

In addition, voluntary associations serve as watchdogs and play a role in holding government and other institutions accountable.

They act as a check on the power of the state and other actors in society, by advocating for transparency, rule of law, and human rights.

Voluntary associations monitor the actions and policies of government and other institutions, and raise their voices against any perceived injustice, abuse of power, or violation of rights.

They act as advocates for the marginalized and vulnerable, and promote social justice and equality. MRDE-002 Solved Free Assignment 2023

Through their advocacy efforts, voluntary associations contribute to the checks and balances in a democratic society, ensuring that power is not concentrated in the hands of a few, but rather distributed among different stakeholders.

Furthermore, voluntary associations promote civic engagement in a democratic society.

They encourage individuals to be active and informed citizens, to participate in public life, and to take responsibility for their communities.

Voluntary associations provide opportunities for individuals to engage in civic education,advocacy, community service, and other forms of civic participation.

They empower citizens to be active members of society, to voice their concerns, and to work towards the betterment of their communities.

Voluntary associations engage citizens in the democratic process, encouraging them to be informed, active, and responsible participants in shaping public policies and decisions. MRDE-002 Solved Free Assignment 2023

They foster a culture of civic engagement, where citizens are encouraged to take ownership of their communities and actively contribute to the well-being of society.

Moreover, voluntary associations play a crucial role in promoting social innovation and addressing societal challenges.

They often act as laboratories for new ideas, initiatives, and solutions to address pressing social issues.

Voluntary associations are known for their ability to be agile, innovative, and responsive to changing social needs.

They are often at the forefront of addressing emerging social challenges, such as poverty, inequality, climate change, human rights, and other complex issues.

Voluntary associations bring together diverse perspectives, expertise, and resources to develop innovative approaches to tackle social problems, contributing to the overall well-being and progress of society.

Voluntary associations also contribute to building social capital in a democratic society. MRDE-002 Solved Free Assignment 2023

Social capital refers to the networks, relationships, and norms of trust and reciprocity that exist among individuals and groups in a society.

Voluntary associations create opportunities for individuals to connect, collaborate, and build relationships based on shared interests and values.

They foster social networks and social cohesion, which are essential for a healthy democratic society.

Voluntary associations create spaces for dialogue, deliberation, and cooperation among individuals and groups, bridging social divides and promoting social cohesion.

Through their activities and initiatives, voluntary associations build social capital, which strengthens the social fabric and promotes a cohesive and resilient democratic society.

Furthermore, voluntary associations contribute to the process of policy formulation and implementation in a democratic society.

They provide valuable inputs, expertise, and perspectives that enrich the decision-making process. MRDE-002 Solved Free Assignment 2023

Voluntary associations engage in policy advocacy, research, and analysis, and provide evidence-based recommendations to inform public policies.

They serve as intermediaries between the government and citizens, conveying the needs and aspirations of the communities they represent.

Voluntary associations also play a role in monitoring and evaluating the implementation of policies and programs, ensuring that they are effectively addressing the intended objectives.

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By actively engaging in the policy process, voluntary associations contribute to the democratic governance of a society, making it more responsive, inclusive, and effective. MRDE-002 Solved Free Assignment 2023

At Last, voluntary associations are essential tenets of a democratic society, serving as platforms for citizens to participate in the decision-making process, promoting pluralism and diversity, fostering social cohesion, and promoting accountability and transparency.

They encourage civic engagement, contribute to social innovation, build social capital, and play a crucial role in policy formulation and implementation.

Voluntary associations are vital actors in a democratic society, contributing to the overall well-being, progress, and resilience of the society as a whole.

They strengthen democracy by providing avenues for citizen participation, promoting inclusivity, fostering social cohesion, and holding government and other institutions accountable.

Voluntary associations are a cornerstone of a vibrant, inclusive, and democratic society. MRDE-002 Solved Free Assignment 2023

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